Discover how you can save money on your Dental Implant treatment

implantes dentales financiacion


Dental care is one of the most important elements for good oral health. Dental implants are often used as replacements for lost teeth due to health issues, esthetics, or to improve self-esteem,

The first thing we think when considering to start an implant treatment is to know the financial cost of this type of intervention. The budget for this treatment can only be set after a diagnosis test. This test must be done with sophisticated radiology tools to identify all parts of the cavity. Doing this type of test in clinics that do not use the latest technology will be less expensive, but most likely will generate future health issues.

At B&J dental clinic we offer affordable implantology treatments for all budgets. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to consider this type of treatment; this is why the diagnosis test is completely FREE.

Our clinics offer high quality services, latest technologies, and best materials. With affordable prices, up to 40% cheaper than in other countries, most of our patients are fully satisfied with the results.