5 marzo, 2019



Have a perfect smile no matter your age.

Get a perfect smile with orthodontics.

Orthodontics is the progressive displacement of teeth one by one or in blocks by correcting their natural colocation.

We specialize in:

Adjustment of teeth
Custom treatments
Bracket solutions

Types of brackets

Metallic brackets Porcelain or sapphire

Autoligado o baja friccion

Our process:

Consultation with a specialist

We review the morphology of your jaw.


After the evaluation, we inform you about the best options for your case.


We perform our orthodontic treatment.


We will perform periodic reviews to observe the evolution and make corrections or adjustments to achieve the perfect smile.

More Information:

Can I get it at any age?

Yes, orthodontics can develop in both children and adults.

Does it hurt?

The discomfort that occurs in teeth is normal as they progressively move. The first fewdays after the first placement you might feel pressure in your mouth, but it will decrease quickly. At the follow-up appointments you might also feel pressure again.

Should I modify what I eat?

Initially there is no need to modify your diet. You just have to be careful with sticky or hard foods that can cause displacement of the brackets.

Should I increase my oral hygiene?

It is important to increase our teeth brushing time by taking care of the brackets;this way the food remains will not accumulate. Our team will give you indications of different care routinesto improve your oral health.

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