5 marzo, 2019



Get healthy gums.

One of the most important aspects to an early diagnosis is the constant revision of the teeth. An early diagnostic can prevent many issues.

At B&J clinic we perform tests to evaluate the state of the gums, avoiding hypersensitivity and retraction of teeth.

We specialize in:

Complicated cases

Early diagnosis

Reducing the chances of long term complications

Rejuvenating surgeries

More information:

What is a periodontics condition?

It is an infection that affects the health of teeth. This condition is one of the principal causes of loss of teeth.

How do I know if I have it?

Regularly people that suffer this condition notice it in its advanced stages. The best way to diagnose it is by doing periodical revisions.

Can it be cured?

Yes, with the right treatment it can be cured.

What does the surgery consist on?

It consists on surgical interventions that help improve the gingival esthetic.

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