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Dental Implants

Get your dental implants in Granada now! Dental implants are one of the best solutions to replace teeth that we have lost. Generally, implants are titanium screws that are placed into the jawbone. Once placed, a crown or dental prosthesis is inserted over the screw, which will replace the appearance and functionality of the tooth. 

The use of titanium is due to the fact that it is a biocompatible material that allows the screw to fuse with the bone. 

Many people may not want to use titanium because they are allergic to other types of metals. As an alternative to the use of titanium, it is possible to find implants created through zirconium. This material, unlike titanium implants, is made in a single piece, which gives it less versatility. 



Types of dental implants

Depending on the number of pieces to be replaced, there are different types of dental implants. 

  • Single dental implant

This is an implant that is placed to replace a single tooth. This implant will be used to help maintain healthy gums. 

  • Implant-supported bridge

On occasions when it is necessary to replace more than one tooth, it is possible to place supported bridges. This bridge will help to replace the intermediate teeth between the implants, making it possible to replace several teeth using only two implants.

  • Full arch implant

This type of implant is used when it is necessary to replace all the teeth in an arch. In many cases, patients prefer to place prostheses fixed with implants because it is more comfortable. 


According to the mobility of the implants, we can find another different classification: 

  • Fixed artificial teeth

These teeth are placed on the implant and cannot be extracted.

  • Screw-retained dental prostheses on implants

The prostheses screwed on the implants can be removed, but for this it is essential to visit the dentist. They are usually removed to check or clean the structure. 

  • Removable dentures

These prostheses are attached to the dental implants to achieve greater retention and stability, but if the patient wishes, they can be removed without any problem.


Advantages of Dental Implants

There are many patients who wonder if dental implants are good or what are their advantages. Using dental implants can help to improve the dentition, both esthetically and functionally. 

Among the positive effects of using dental implants, we can highlight the following: 

Restore the ability to chew

Improves aesthetic appearance

Prevent the jaw from contracting due to the loss of the dental piece

Helps maintain and improve bone and gum health

Maintains stability of adjacent teeth

How is the treatment of dental implants in Granada?

The placement of dental implants requires a series of interventions that are usually carried out over a period of several months.

Specialist review

The first thing we carry out at B&J Clinics is a review of the state of the teeth by a specialist. This review will help us to know what the initial situation of the patient is and what his or her needs are. Each set of teeth is different and will require specific treatment. 


After performing the necessary explorations and tests to analyze the state of the patient's oral cavity and the amount of bone available. Thanks to this study, the dentist will have a clear vision of our mouth and will know the type of implant we need and where to place it. 

Implant Treatment

Once the study is finished, the moment of the implant placement would follow. It is usually performed under local anesthesia of the area where the implant is to be placed. 

After the implant has been placed, a temporary prosthesis is placed during the time in which the bone and the implant integrate.  The integration process usually takes 3 to 6 months. The dentist will take control x-rays to check if the integration is correct or not. 

Once osseointegration is complete, the prosthetic phase is next. In this phase the dentist will take impressions of the mouth to construct the custom-made artificial teeth.


As with all other dental treatments, periodic check-ups will be carried out to ensure that everything is correct and that the implants are well placed.  


Do you have any doubts?

Are they durable over time?

Yes, dental implants are a highly practiced technique for dental rehabilitation and it is the technique with the best success rate in terms of duration, functionality and esthetics. In order to evaluate the needs of each case it is necessary to carry out a previous study to know the pathology and see the best way to act on it.

Сколько времени занимает лечение?

It depends on each specific case, although they are not usually very long processes in simple implant treatments. Once the case is evaluated, we inform the patient of the different times in each of the processes (evaluation, treatment and postoperative).

Dental implant placement How long does it take?

A dental implant takes 30 minutes to place, if the bone conditions are favorable. In general, implant surgery is fast, it takes time to prepare the area for the intervention (anesthesia, prepare the patient, bone placement if necessary).

How long does it take to fix my tooth?

It depends on the evolution of the dental implant treatment, but it is not usually an excessively long time since we perform quick healing treatments.

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