Dental tourism in La Herradura: 5 reasons to come to Granada

dental tourism in la herradura granada

The dental tourism in La Herradura, Granada Spain, has become an option highly demanded by patients of all ages, given the possibility of unifying holidays and quality dental treatments at a good price, within the same tourist package, becoming an attraction for British, German and French, among others.

Dental tourism is one of the most popular methods used by the elderly to find affordable dental treatments that meet international quality standards and health regulations.

Dental clinics with recognised experience, such as our dental clinic B&J in La Herradura (Granada), offer the opportunity to take advantage of a dental holiday in a privileged environment and climate.

We offer comfortably affordable competitive prices, so that our patients can combine dental treatments with a relaxed stay, enjoying the beaches near our B&J dental clinic while doing dental tourism in La Herradura.

Specializing in orthodontic treatments, invisible orthodontics, dental implants and dental veneers, we guarantee excellent results while you spend some wonderful days on the coast, in la Herradura Granada.

There are several destinations in Europe where you can receive this type of service, but not all offer the same benefits or quality. In both senses, dental tourism in Spain is positioned as number one, standing out among other countries for being the most visited destination for this type of services. With a recognition of the quality of its health and oral care, an enviable geographical position and fluid transport routes, make it the ideal destination to attract British dental tourism.

5 reasons to do Dental Tourism in La Herradura:

  1. Safety and professionalism: Our medical team that performs the treatments, have a great academic experience and a wide professional career, with the development of masters specialized in subjects such as Implantology. The dental treatments are guaranteed to be complete, as we have the latest technologies in diagnosis, our own workshop and surgery, in the same centre. In addition, your entire medical process will be carried out in English, so that you do not lose any detail of your personalised treatment. The quality of service and materials are subject to international quality standards. Post-treatment is guaranteed by each member of our team.
  2. Very competitive prices: The prices in the United Kingdom for a dental treatment, let’s take as an example an implantology treatment, where the process is formed by diagnosis, elaboration of materials and surgery, present expenses, around 2700-3200 £. Our service, containing all the treatment processes in the same centre, from diagnosis to surgery, you can save up to 40% in your dental treatment and take advantage of all its advantages.
  3. Latest technologies: Our centre presents the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies, which will make your treatment totally personalised. We have all the instruments and techniques to deal with any dental treatment in its entirety. As everything is in the same centre, any detail is planned and controlled.
  4. The place: Nobody should miss the south of Spain, its climate and sun, its beaches, its people and its services, make this place a paradise of beauty and tranquility. Our centre is located on the Costa Tropical of Granada, an enclave of Romans and Arabs, where you can appreciate the warmth of the place. The communication is perfect, to 30 minutes of the airport of Malaga and with access by highway. The gastronomy and the quality of the accommodation will make your visit more pleasant.
  5. The tranquillity of the environment: One of the most important aspects is to be able to relax and to be calm, during a dental treatment. Not having to attend social events or unexpected visits to our house. With our service, you can have the peace and quiet necessary to spend the days that it lasts. The quality of the hotels in the area and the quietness of the beaches will make your treatment a very pleasant holiday.If you want to benefit from our services to do dental tourism La Herradura and start enjoying good dental health, fill out the contact form, explain your needs and we will contact you to explain the entire service.