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We solve your dental problems in a quick and easy way.

At dental clinic ByJWe want to give you the latest advances in dentistry, developing minimally invasive dental treatments, without discomfort, to guarantee you the best results.

Our general dentistry practice provides conservative treatments, such as dental fillings (dental caries), reconstructions, preventive oral health, diagnosis, as well as specialties such as cosmetic dentistry (focused on dental aesthetics, teeth whitening), prosthetic dentistry (dental prostheses) and other specialties focused on specific dental treatments such as endodontics, dental surgery, orthodontics, periodontics or dental implants.

All our dental treatments are aimed at prioritizing your oral health and maintaining the aesthetics of your teeth. We strive to achieve the best results for our patients.

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What is our protocol?

Dental check-up

Our professionals will review your case to evaluate your dental diagnosis.


Once the case has been reviewed, different dental treatment alternatives will be provided in order to act quickly and solve the problem.


We perform the dentistry treatment that best suits the case after diagnosis to provide a lasting solution.


We will make subsequent dental checkups to follow up, ensure a correct evolution and optimal oral health. We will do preventive check-ups to be able to update quickly in case of caries, bruxism, gum inflammations, etc.

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