Thinking about getting Dental Implants?

dental implants

Thinking about getting Dental Implants? Learn more!

Nowadays, the use of dental implants for aesthetic purposes is very common. But this does not guarantee that the best quality materials are being used in all clinics. This is why we want to inform you about the most important aspects to take into consideration when starting this type of treatment.

What are Dental Implants?
Dental implants are artificial roots made with strong titanium material that are placed in the gums to substitute lost teeth. The root is set with a crown that looks like a regular tooth and facilitates the patient’s ability to chew properly. In addition, the aesthetic improvement is evident.

In B&J Dental Clinics we use top quality materials and the latest tech in implantology.

Who is qualified to carry out Dental Implant treatments?
The professionals who can carry out these types of treatments should have:

• Degree in Dentistry
• Master’s degree,or Implantology and Prosthetic course

Our experienced professional team specializes in the Dentistry field. We work hard to offer the best treatment for each patient.

Who can use Dental Implants?
Anyone with an approved dental study, good overall health, and people with chronic controlled diseases can obtain dental implants. This type of surgery can be done after consulting with a specialist and evaluating the medications that will be used.

In our clinics you will receive all the information about the safety and effectiveness of this treatment.

What is the cost of a dental implant?
The cost of dental implants will varyand in each clinic.

The treatment consists of:
• Diagnostic test
• Bone reconstruction (if needed)
• Surgical intervention
• Dental implant
• Dental crown

The price can fluctuate from 2,700 – 3,200£

Our clinics offer personalized treatments in one place. Our prices are 40% lower than other European countries and areas of Spain, with all the guarantees of quality and health regulations.

Granada has also become an ideal health destination due to its geographical location and dental tourism is growing in places like La Herradura, where one of our B&J dental clinics is located.

Can dental implants fail?
• The implants can fail if the patient did not follow the professional’s advice.
• The patient did not follow the recovery recommendations after the intervention.
• Use of medications that may affect the dental implants.
• An error in the placement of the implant.
• Poor quality materials.

In B&J clinics we are specialists in this field and we only offer high quality services. For more information about this type of treatment, contact us!