Dental Implants

The best way to replace your teeth.

Dental ImplantDental implants are today the most effective solution for the loss of teeth.
They are devices, usually made of titanium, that resemble a screw, joining to the bone whether it is the maxilla or the mandible. The function of the dental implant is to replace the root of the tooth to be replaced. Dental prostheses are fixed on this implant to replace the missing “tooth”.

The objective of dental implant treatment is, in addition to achieving a notable aesthetic improvement, to favour chewing and avoid the loss of bone due to lack of dental pieces, a technique that is frequently used as it guarantees a good and lasting result. Although there are different types of implants on the market, not all guarantee a good result.

In B&J Dental Clinic we work looking for the best value for money and offer favorable results in the long term, ensuring the best treatment of dental implants.

We specialize in:

Long lasting results

Advanced techniques

Dental implants for all needs

Best results


There is no noticeable difference between the implants an your real teeth.

Non-invasive method for the rest of the teeth.

Long lasting implants.

Our process:

Consultation with a specialist

Our dentists evaluate the affected.


After the evaluation, you will be informed about the procedure options and treatment.

Implant treatment

Once the case has been evaluated, we proceed to perform the dental implant treatment to solve the case in the shortest time possible.


After the treatment is finished and healed the patient will have follow-up consultationsto examine and analyze the evolution of the dental implant.

More Information:

Are they durable?

Yes, Dental Implants are a highly durable technique to recompose teeth. To achieve the best results it is necessary to complete a previous study and know the pathology of your teeth to find the best treatment for them.

How much does the treatment last?

It varies by case, although they are not usually long processes. Once your case is evaluated we will inform all the specifications about the process.

How long does it take?

A dental implant takes 30 minutes to place if the implant’s condition is appropriate. In the case of it not being correct, it would not be delayed more than 45 minutes per dental implant.

When will I have the permanent tooth?

It depends on the evolution of the treatment. It is not usually an excessively long wait time since we perform the treatment and place the dental implants for a rapid healing.

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