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EndodonticAt B&J Dental Clinic, we like to offer the latest innovations in the field of endodontics to our patients.

Recover badly damaged teeth quickly and with little pain. Not all cases are solved by killing the nerve, there are treatments with new compositions that recover teeth affected by cavities.

An endodontic treatment is performed when a tooth has deep caries, which affects the nerve. This is the cause of so frequent “toothache”, since the caries causes an inflammation of the nerve and sometimes its death (necrosis of the dental pulp).

Occasionally, pulpitis can occur as a result of trauma (heavy blow to a tooth), abrasion, erosion or wear of the tooth (typical of patients with bruxism).

It is the dental pulp where the nerves and blood vessels are located, so the inflammation of it often causes pain.

Our specialists in endodontics, will diagnose according to the type of pain, in which cases endodontics is viable.

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More information:

How do I know if I have to get a root canal?

Each case is different, but it is common for the tooth to be more sensitive to changes in temperature, and sometimes it can produce inflammation.

How many sessions are needed?

The procedure is performed in a single intervention. Depending on the case, a greater number of interventions could be needed.

Does it hurt?

This is a treatment that does not cause pain. In addition, local anesthetic is given to avoid any discomfort.

Is medication necessary?

Each case has its particular needs. Our team will provide the best recommendations for the following days.

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