Free Children’s Dental Assistance in Andalusia

Children between the ages of 6 and 15 living in Andalusia have the right to receive basic dental care and certain special treatments free of charge through the Individual Health Card.
Free dental assistance for children

The health of our children

Evidently, food is a key and primordial element in our health and on it we build the foundations of our quality of life.

As important as our food is the state of our teeth and our dental hygiene, therefore from the Health Administration of Andalusia aware of this need, we guarantee basic dental care and certain special treatments to all people aged 6 to 15 years protected by the Andalusian Public Health System and residents in this Community.

Since 2002, when the oral health care programme began, with care for people born in 1995 and 1996, the guarantee of dental care for children between the ages of 6 and 15 living in Andalusia has been completed in 2009.

Only an examination by your family dentist ensures that your mouth is healthy.
The B&J dental clinic is a centre authorised by the Regional Government of Andalusia to provide these services.

We answer your questions

It going to cover all people of those ages from the very first moment?

Everyone between the ages of 6 and 15 in the calendar year is entitled to dental care benefit.

What does it really cover?

The child has the right to an annual check-up, the minimum content of which will include instructions on oral hygiene rules, diets, etc., exploration of the oral cavity, recognition of the permanent dentition (using an exploration probe, flat mirror and the necessary material), including all pits and fissures in the enamel. In case of reasonable doubt, an intraoral radiological examination will be carried out with the prior written consent of the parents or guardians.

The general dentist will carry out an individualised follow-up of those children with a special predisposition to caries, periodontal disease or malocclusions, or in which aggressive oral treatment poses a risk to the patient’s health.

Likewise, always according to the criteria of each dentist, it can be done:

  • The sealing of fissures or pits in the healthy permanent pieces that will avoid the appearance of caries.
  • The obturation in the permanent pieces (fillings) when cavities already exist.
  • The most appropriate treatment for pulp lesions.
  • Extraction of temporary teeth (baby teeth).
  • The extraction of a permanent tooth, provided that under the criteria of your dentist does not have another more conservative treatment.
  • Tartrectomy (cleaning), when calculus and/or extrinsic pigmentations are detected in the permanent dentition.
  • It will also cover, although with certain formal requirements, certain special treatments for trauma or malformations of the canine incisor teeth.

What assistance is not covered?

Those treatments necessary due to trauma when there is a responsible party who must pay for the cost of that treatment, orthodontic treatments and repairers in the temporary dentition (baby teeth).

When and where do I go for assistance?

Boys and girls who turn 6 years of age and have a recognised right to the benefit will go to the chosen family dentist, who will provide them with the assistance required among those listed in the previous sections by presenting the Individual Health Card (IHIC).

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