Invisible Orthodontics

Get perfect teeth discretely without brackets.

Invisible OrthodonticDo you want to have perfect teeth but don’t want to wear braces? Invisible orthodontics is the perfect solution.

Invisible orthodontics is a clear alternative if you don’t want to wear braces.

At the ByJ clinic we specialize in invisible orthodontic treatments, being able to assure our patients the best results without any discomfort.
Invisible orthodontics offers benefits from the first moments: comfort of use, without rubbing or irritation of the gums; invisible orthodontic splints can be removed to ingest food and brush teeth; they are tailored to the patient, according to their dental anatomy and taking into account the diagnosis of the orthodontist specializing in invisible orthodontics; they are not appreciated as they are completely transparent, improving dental aesthetics during treatment.

In B&J Dental Clinic, we want you to have a nice smile and for that we bring you the most relevant technological advances in invisible orthodontics.

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