We solve the dental care problems of your teeth in a quick and easy way.

OdontologyAt ByJ dental clinic, we want to give you the latest advances in odontology, developing minimally invasive dental treatments, without discomfort, to guarantee the best results.

Our general dentistry practice attends from conservative odontology treatments such as dental fillings (dental caries), reconstructions, preventive oral health, diagnosis, as well as specialties such as cosmetic dentistry (focused on dental aesthetics, teeth whitening), prosthetic dentistry (dental prostheses) and other specialties focused on specific dental treatments such as endodontics, dental surgery, orthodontics, periodontics or dental implants.

All our dental treatments aim to prioritize your oral health and maintain the aesthetics of your teeth. We strive to achieve the best results for our patients.

We specialize in:

Competitive prices

Financing options

High quality dental care services

Noticeable results

Our process:


Our professionals analyze your case.


Once the case is analyzed, we will offer dental care options to fix it quickly and easily.


We provide the treatment to achieve long lasting results.


The patient has periodical appointments to monitor the area and its evolution.

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