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OrthodonticGet a perfect smile with orthodontics.

What is treated with orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment seeks to correct the progressive displacement of our teeth, individually or as a block, to correct their natural placement.

With this we obtain a perfect adjustment of the bite and a correct dental alignment.

Orthodontic treatments must be performed by an orthodontist, after a study of the patient, through gentle movements that seek to move the teeth individually or in block to correct their placement, but taking care not to hurt the structures that surround and hold the tooth.

With this we obtain a perfect adjustment of the bite and a correct dental alignment.

The objective of orthodontics is to achieve a correct alignment of the teeth and improve the occlusion of the patient, preventing alterations such as bruxism, TMJ problems, overloading of the masticatory muscles.

One of the main causes for orthodontic treatment are cases such as dental crowding, where the teeth are positioned on top of each other, mainly due to lack of space. This is a frequent situation in patients with small maxillary or mandibular bone in relation to the size of the teeth, which becomes evident when changing from temporary to permanent dentition, also when they have lost a baby tooth and a space maintainer has not been placed so that the definitive teeth come out in their place, or when they do not wear retainers after orthodontic treatment.

In order to correct these situations, orthodontic placement is necessary. The choice of type of orthodontics to wear will depend on the degree of correction to be achieved. In severe cases it may be necessary to remove a tooth. In the B&J dental clinic we make a personalized study of each patient and we explain which is the appropriate braces treatment option for your case.

We specialize in:

Adjustment of teeth
Custom treatments
Bracket solutions

Types of brackets

Metallic brackets Porcelain or sapphire

Self-ligating or low friction bracket

Our process:

Consultation with a specialist

We review the morphology of your jaw.


After the evaluation, we inform you about the best options for your case.


We perform our orthodontic treatment.


We will perform periodic reviews to observe the evolution and make corrections or adjustments to achieve the perfect smile.

More Information:

Can I get it at any age?

Yes, orthodontics can develop in both children and adults.

Does it hurt?

The discomfort that occurs in teeth is normal as they progressively move. The first fewdays after the first placement you might feel pressure in your mouth, but it will decrease quickly. At the follow-up appointments you might also feel pressure again.

Should I modify what I eat?

Initially there is no need to modify your diet. You just have to be careful with sticky or hard foods that can cause displacement of the brackets.

Should I increase my oral hygiene?

It is important to increase our teeth brushing time by taking care of the brackets;this way the food remains will not accumulate. Our team will give you indications of different care routinesto improve your oral health.

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