Teeth Whitening

Get a bright smile in the easiest way by whitening your teeth

Teeth Whitening
Tooth whitening is a technique that seeks to regain the color of teeth and improve it, after removing stains that may be on the surface of the enamel.

With a simple teeth whitening you can get a perfect smile. Our teeth whitening treatments can clean and whiten your teeth quickly.

At B&J dental clinics, we analyse the cause of tooth darkening, it has an unsightly effect and is usually associated with external factors such as the consumption of certain foods or tobacco.

It can also be due to own dental factors, so it is necessary to evaluate each treatment personally and individually and recommend the best option in your case. We indicate the best concentration for your teeth based on your morphology and we monitor the results.

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Our dentist evaluates your teeth to analyze the particularities of the case.


En base a los resultados iniciales, evaluaremos cuál es la mejor concentración para blanquear tus dientes y la manera más efectiva de desarrollar estas tareas.


We apply the teeth whitening treatment.


Our team will check the results to guarantee a bright smile.

More information:

Can anyone get this treatment?

Yes, the teeth whitening treatment can be realized at any age, althoughwe recommend it for adults.

Why do I have dental obscuration?

The dental obscuration can be external or internal. There can be multiple causes, like medications, demineralization, food, or tobacco.

Can a tooth darken little by little?

Yes, and that is why the tooth must be whiten from the inside out.

Are there any side effects?

No, there are no side effects after tooth whitening.

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