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Many times we want to have perfect teeth but we do not want to show that we wear braces. If you have ever considered starting orthodontic treatment but aesthetics has made you reconsider, thanks to our invisible orthodontic treatments you will no longer have an excuse.

Invisible orthodontics is the most chosen treatment among our clients. It is the best alternative to traditional braces.

In our dental clinic B&J we specialize in invisible orthodontic treatments in Granada, being able to assure our patients the best results without any discomfort. Invisible orthodontics offers benefits from the first moments: comfort of use, no chafing, no irritation of the gums; invisible orthodontic splints can be removed to eat food and brush your teeth. This type of orthodontics is custom-made for each patient, according to their dental anatomy and taking into account the diagnosis of the orthodontist specialized in invisible orthodontics.

These appliances are completely transparent and are not visible, improving dental esthetics during treatment.

To ensure the best results, B&J Clinics is a dental clinic specialized in SureSmile Invisible Orthodontics. Your ideal smile is just one step away!

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    Why choose SureSmile Invisible Orthodontics?

    SereSmile eyeliners are the best option for those who want to have a perfect smile but do not want to wear unpleasant and unaesthetic braces for a long period of time.
    Thanks to the use of advanced software, it is possible to create customized designs that adapt and accommodate to each patient's tooth structure, making them fit perfectly and allow for natural movement of the teeth and jaw.
    More than 500,000 patients have already decided to start this orthodontic treatment.
    Thanks to the material they are made of, SureSmile aligners can keep their shape intact for up to 15 days, allowing natural movement and repositioning of the teeth.

    These aligners are polished and laser cut to achieve the highest possible precision and ensure the desired orthodontic results.

    This invisible orthodontics has been on the market for more than 20 years, and thanks to the work and study of professional orthodontists it is possible to guarantee the best results.

    Through the use of specialized software, this invisible orthodontics allows the creation of customized treatments that permanently correct the dentition.

    How does SureSmile Invisible Orthodontics work?

    Dental status analysis

    In the first session, the dentist will take pictures of the state of the teeth, and through a digital scan, our specialists will be able to create a personalized treatment for your specific case thanks to SureSmile's software.

    Customized SureSmile aligner

    After this, our team of professionals will use the photographs and images taken to create a treatment that fits the dental structure and needs of each patient. Each aligner is unique and created for a specific client, in order to achieve a fast and adequate result. In addition, you will be able to see how your mouth will look like once the orthodontic treatment is finished.

    Achieve a perfect smile

    Wear SureSmile aligners for the stipulated time and get a perfect smile. Unlike most invisible braces, SureSmile can last up to 12 months.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    SureSmile invisible orthodontics is a more esthetic option than traditional braces. When you are looking for small movements in the teeth to improve the appearance of the smile, this type of aligners are the most suitable. They are usually used in adolescents or adults to help teeth movement and solve different orthodontic problems.

    One of our SureSmile doctors will analyze your teeth and find the best solution for you.

    If you want to know if this type of invisible orthodontics is right for you, contact our clinic and we will conduct a review to discuss the options available.

    Although it is a solution with many similarities to traditional orthodontics, Suresmile aligners use advanced technology that adapts to each patient and allows you to create customized treatments to achieve the best results.
    This type of invisible orthodontics is used to align teeth gradually. It consists of transparent aligners that are placed on the teeth to gradually position them until the desired dental position is achieved. It is a transparent orthodontic, without wires or metal braces that can cause damage or discomfort.
    To achieve the expected results, consult your dentist, although the recommended daily use time is between 20-22 hours. Use them while sleeping is essential to achieve the best results.
    The price of this invisible orthodontics will depend on the case of each patient, since not everyone needs the same treatment time. Depending on the needs of each client, the price will vary. Consult with our specialists and go for a consultation to determine what your needs are.

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    Advantages of SureSmile Invisible Orthodontics

    Efficient tooth movements. Much shorter dental alignment time than with the use of traditional braces.
    Thanks to the technology used, the teeth will move precisely and achieve the right results.
    Enable proper dental cleaning
    Totally transparent. You can live a normal life without the orthodontics being noticeable.
    Comfort, no chafing or discomfort