Periodontal microsurgery

Discover the revolutionary periodontal microsurgery, an advanced technique that offers precise and minimally invasive results for the treatment of gum disease.

At our dental clinics, we are proud to offer periodontal microsurgery performed by experts in the field, using high-precision instruments and innovative techniques to address periodontal problems with maximum efficiency and comfort for our patients.

What makes periodontal microsurgery so special?

  1. Minimally invasiveUnlike traditional periodontal surgery techniques, microsurgery uses specialized instruments and minimally invasive procedures, resulting in less discomfort, swelling and shorter recovery times for patients.
  2. Millimeter accuracyThanks to optical magnification and advanced illumination, surgeons can perform procedures with exceptional precision, preserving as much healthy tissue as possible and achieving superior aesthetic and functional results.
  3. Rapid healingPeriodontal microsurgery promotes faster and more predictable healing, allowing patients to return to their daily activities in a short time and enjoy a more comfortable recovery.
  4. Personalized treatmentEach case is unique, and periodontal microsurgery allows our specialists to tailor treatment to the specific needs of each patient, ensuring optimal and long-lasting results.

Whether you need treatment for gingival recession, correction of bone defects or removal of periodontal pockets, periodontal microsurgery offers an advanced and effective solution to restore the health and beauty of your gums.

Schedule a consultation with our periodontal team today and discover how periodontal microsurgery can safely and comfortably transform your smile and oral health!