Dental extractions

Dental extractions are procedures in which one or more teeth are removed from the mouth. Although the idea of extracting a tooth may generate some apprehension, there are situations in which this intervention is beneficial. Here we talk about tooth extractions and their benefits:

Common Situations for Extractions:

  1. Impacted Teeth: When a tooth cannot fully erupt through the gums, it is considered impacted. This can occur with third molars or wisdom teeth.
  2. Irreparable Harm: If a tooth is severely damaged by decay, fracture or infection and cannot be restored, extraction may be the best option.
  3. Alignment problems: In some orthodontic cases, it may be necessary to extract one or more teeth to allow proper movement of the others.
  4. Serious infections: Severe dental infections that do not respond to treatment may require extraction of the affected tooth to prevent the spread of infection.
  5. Preparation for prosthesis: If a denture or full denture is to be placed, some extractions may be necessary to achieve adequate space.