Fixed dentures without implants, what is it like?

Our dental health is very important and proof of this is that more and more of us want to have a healthy smile. healthy and beautiful mouth. But, in many occasions, we suffer small accidents that lead to the loss of different dental pieces, so we have to consider how to restore them. There are numerous options when it comes to choosing the type of dental prosthesis that best suits our needs. In the following article we are going to focus on the fixed dentures without implantsThe dental implants are an ideal solution for all those who do not want to undergo dental implant surgery.

Characteristics of fixed dentures without implants

The main purpose of fixed dentures without implants is to replace teeth that have been lost. The difference with respect to removable dentures is that they cannot be removed as they are permanently attached to the healthy teeth of the mouth or jawbone by means of dental adhesives.

This prosthesis can replace one or several pieces and, in some cases, they have even been used to replace the entire upper and lower jaw.

We find fixed dentures without implants from various materials. From metal to porcelain through resin. There are also those that combine all of them.

There are a number of steps to be followed in order to place a fixed denture without implants:

  • The dentist checks the teeth and gums to make sure they are in good condition.
  • Impressions of the mouth are taken to make a model that will be used to design and create the denture.
  • It is placed in the patient's mouth so that it fits snugly for comfort. Occasionally some additional adjustments are required to ensure that the bite is proper.

Once we have our fixed denture without implants it is very important not to forget its maintenance. It is advisable to daily tooth brushing and regular use of dental floss to prevent the appearance of plaque and bacteria.

Advantages of fixed dentures without implants

Fixed dentures without implants are a great option due to their numerous advantages. Below, we are going to present the main ones:


This type of dental prosthesis is mainly characterized by its permanent fixation. Thanks to this, they are much more stable than removable ones, as they do not move or slide while we eat or talk.


As they are custom-made, they adapt perfectly to the patient's mouth, which makes them more comfortable than removable ones.

Improved chewing and speech functions

Fixed dentures without implants help to improve the quality of life of patients by allowing them to chew all types of food and hold conversations properly. In this way, they can enjoy a varied and healthy diet.

Natural appearance

In order to make the appearance of the denture as natural as possible, a very careful selection of the fabrication materials is made taking into account the color and shape of the patient's healthy teeth.


Their design allows them to last for many years if proper care is maintained. Therefore, this is a long-term solution.

Less invasive than dental implants

Unlike surgical procedures to place implants, implantless fixed dentures are much less invasive because they do not require surgery. 

Lower cost than dental implants

Another advantage to highlight is the price of these dental prostheses and is that they are usually much cheaper than dental implants. Thus, it is a more accessible option for all types of pockets. 

In short, dentures without implants are a solution to consider if we want to avoid undergoing surgery. Likewise, this treatment is also characterized by the quality of its results.

If you are thinking of improving both your oral health and your smile with the help of fixed dentures without implants you can find us in our clinics of Las Gabias y Ла-Эррадуре. At B & J Dental Clinic we will study your case in depth and we will offer you the options that best suit you so that you can boast a healthy and natural mouth.