How to get the best price for dental implants

dental implants

Know the price of the dental implants is one of the first concerns we have when we want to start an implant treatment. In order to make the right decision, it is essential to have a detailed and concrete estimate available.

Implants are known to be a durable and reliable solution for replacing teeth and restoring oral health. Thanks to the results they offer, dental implants have gained worldwide recognition and remain as the most demanded dental treatment, in addition to the invisible orthodontics and the dental veneers.

It is difficult to find a dental clinic that does not offer implantology services, but the price from one clinic to another can vary considerably. When a specialist recommends implantology treatment, the only way to give the most accurate estimate possible is by assessing the patient's oral health conditions through the use of high-definition diagnostic tests. These must be carried out with advanced technology instruments that allow the entire oral cavity to be visualized and for this purpose digital radiology with 3D scanning is used.

Diagnostic centers that use this type of technology have quite high prices, but performing this type of tests in centers that do not use these latest technologies, will only bring future problems. By not identifying the treatment area completely, implant prices may be increased by complications or extra resources such as sinus lifts, bone blocks, membranes, etc.

At Cínica Dental B&J we have a campaign focused on making dental implantology prices affordable. We want everyone who is interested in this type of treatment to have the opportunity to know the total price of implants. In order to offer our patients a 100% % closed budget and the best prices for implants, the first visit, the diagnostic phase and the budget are totally FREE. We also have the option of financing dental implants.

Our clinics offer the possibility to benefit from all this, with professional services, attention in the patient's language, latest technologies and state-of-the-art materials under international standards. With tooth implant prices up to 40% cheaper than in your home country. 95 % of our patients have been fully satisfied.