The best dental surgery in Granada

Currently there are a large number of dental surgeries, each one for a specific problem.
If your dentist has told you that you will need to undergo surgery, do not be afraid, because nowadays there are many advances and you will be in the hands of professionals.

What does dental surgery consist of?

The dental surgery is a branch of dentistry that is responsible for making a diagnosis of the problems you may have in your teeth, select the best treatment and carry out a surgical intervention.

These operations are focused on the mouth and jaw, and include a large number of different interventions depending on the needs of each patient.

The 6 most common dental surgeries

  • Dental implant surgery
    This procedure consists of replacing damaged teeth with artificial ones that will act as if they were natural. The price will vary depending on the patient's needs and the technique used by the doctor to perform the implant.
  • Cosmetic dental surgery
    The objective of this type of dental intervention is to improve the appearance of the smile through implants, veneers or other types of treatment.
  • Retained tooth extractions
    Generally this option is selected when it is detected that certain teeth are growing in areas that should not, or in cases where the tooth does not just come out and causes pain and discomfort in the patient. One of the best known is the operation of wisdom teeth.
  • Corrective mandibular surgery
    This surgery is aimed at improving the fit between both jaws (upper and lower). Presenting jaw problems can affect the muscles and can cause discomfort outside the mouth such as headaches or hearing problems.
  • Facial and mandibular injury
    There are certain occasions when dental problems affect the patient's speech or bite, causing daily discomfort. It is advisable to solve these problems as soon as possible to prevent them from getting worse over time.
  • Frenectomy
    This treatment consists of removing part of the frenulum. This operation is performed because due to the size of the frenulum, the incisors do not close properly and it is also usually performed when the frenulum is too short.

Care after dental surgery

Regardless of whether the surgery performed is simple or not, it is advisable to take into account a series of precautions to avoid pain or future complications:

  1. Bite a gauze for a while after surgery: This will prevent bleeding and help healing.
  2. Apply cold. The cold will soothe the pain and serve as an anti-inflammatory.
  3. Take antibiotics. They are usually prescribed for the next 7 to 10 days. It is important to follow the recommendations and duration of treatment for it to take effect.
  4. Follow the indications. These medications are prescribed by the doctor to minimize the discomfort that may arise after the operation, so if you follow the guidelines to the letter, you will recover sooner.
  5. Watch your diet. Avoid hot foods, drink plenty of fluids, eat soft foods and avoid sweets, sugar and foods with bones or seeds.

At B&J Dental Clinic We carry out an exhaustive dental examination to detect any type of problem and to be able to solve it in time. In order to carry out this task it will be necessary that the surgeon has the required experience and is able to use the appropriate tools.
Our workers are true professionals in the sector and have the best training to perform their duties correctly. Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us about your situation, we will take care of everything.