Do you want to forget about your dentures?

forget about your dentures

Nowadays thousands of British people suffer from missing teeth or use partial or complete dentures. We want to tell you the definitive solution to this problem so that you can enjoy a beautiful smile again, and at a very reasonable price.

The problems derived from these losses are various, such as:

  • Inflammation of the gums, produced by the friction of the teeth or by the lack of a dental piece, when doing a common action such as chewing.
  • Bone reductions due to a missing tooth.
  • Lack of dental hygiene that favors the appearance of diseases and loss of other teeth.
  • Social difficulties in speaking naturally or interacting in public for fear of slipping teeth.

Today's techniques make it possible to solve these problems by means of implantology, a medical technique of short duration that consists, first, in the diagnosis of the affected area by means of a CAT scan, followed by bone regeneration of the gum area, with a recovery period of about 6 months, which will allow a subsequent placement of the implants. dental implants and finish with the implementation of the crowns, one year after the beginning of the treatment. The result will be that you will feel the implants and crowns as your own, since they are anchored to the maxillary bone.

Implant dentistry offers great benefits, which are impossible to ignore:

  • Surgical intervention is not very intrusive compared to other techniques used.
  • You can eat whatever you want.
  • Relate in a safer way.
  • Forget about leaving your dentures in a glass.
  • You will no longer have to change dentures or bridges, you will have a fixed denture forever.
  • You will improve your facial appearance, without the sinking of the lack of teeth.

If you want to make the change and forget about all these problems, our dental clinic offers you the possibility to benefit from all this, with professional services, attention in the patient's language, latest diagnostic technologies, last generation materials under international standards. With a surprising price of up to 40% cheaper than in your home country. 100 % of our patients have been fully satisfied.