Reasons for dental tourism in Híjar

The dental service offered in Spain is one of the best in terms of quality/price in Europe today.
This country not only stands out for the price of its treatments, which is much lower than in other locations, but this sector is made up of excellent professionals who ensure excellent results and quality.
In addition to that, we must emphasize how easy it is to travel to Spain at a low cost, making more and more foreigners who choose to carry out dental tourism and come to this country to put themselves in the hands of our wonderful dentists.

Due to the growing demand for this service, created by the significant differences in quality and price in different countries, more and more companies are choosing to introduce these special offers that not only include the treatment, but also offer transportation, hotels or tourist activities in the area.

Why choose Híjar as a dental tourism destination?

When selecting a dental tourism destination, you should look at a number of decisive factors such as the dental clinic you will attend and the city you choose to spend the necessary time in.
There are many dental clinics that offer this type of services to foreigners, but one of the most outstanding ones is our B & J Dental ClinicThe company offers the opportunity to enjoy the best professionals in the sector in a beautiful autonomous community, with a pleasant climate and a large number of activities to do while you are here.
Our team of experts will carry out an individualized study of your case to detect what your needs are. We are experts in all types of treatmentsWe offer a wide range of dental services, such as implants, normal or invisible orthodontics, dental veneers, fillings, surgeries, prosthesis, endodontics or everything related to dental esthetics.

Reasons to choose our B&J dental clinic

These are some of the reasons that will help you to choose Híjar as a dental tourism destination in Spain:

  1. Experience and professionalism: Our dental clinic is formed by an incredible group of professionals with extensive academic training and long professional careers that ensure the correct result of all treatments performed. In addition to that, they are trained to perform the service in English, which will help you to be attentive to all the details. Once the treatment is finished, our team guarantees a post-treatment to ensure that everything is in correct conditions.
  2. Quality/price ratio: Unlike prices in the UK or other countries where a complete treatment can cost you around £3,000, our service offers you the possibility of carrying out all the stages in one place, from diagnosis of your case and needs, to dental surgery if required, helping you to save almost 50% of the price you would have paid. Even though the price is lower, we assure you the best results in your treatment, guaranteeing a quality service.
  3. Technology: Our clinic has the latest technologies, even offering you the opportunity to watch a movie and use virtual reality glasses while your treatment is being carried out. We also have the latest tools on the market with digital radiographs and 3D planning to organize surgeries, dental scanners, placement of prostheses in just one day or painless and non-invasive treatments with the use of dental lasers.
  4. Facilities : Located in Híjar (Las Gabias), we have great facilities in which patients feel comfortable and calm during the tests or treatments. Our central location puts us very close to everything thanks to the ease of connection with the main bus lines or parking.

If you want to know more about our rural tourism service and all the offers and promotional packages we offer, do not hesitate to contact us or fill out the form detailing your needs.