The best invisible orthodontics in Granada

Have you ever thought about having orthodontics but you can't make up your mind because of aesthetic issues? The best solution for that is the invisible orthodontics.
With it, you can correct your teeth thanks to braces that are not visible to the naked eye. To do this, the brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth, unlike normal orthodontics, which is placed on the outside.

The results will be the same with either of the two, the most noticeable difference you can find is their price and duration. Invisible orthodontics is somewhat more expensive and you will have to wear it for a longer period of time.
Today, a new variant has been created in which the appliance on the outside of the denture is transparent and almost invisible. They are custom-made and the treatment has a similar duration to conventional orthodontics.

Types of invisible orthodontics

There are two different types of invisible orthodontics.

  • Lingual orthodontics: This treatment is very similar to normal orthodontics, but in this case the appliance is narrower and is placed on the inside of the teeth. Thanks to computer programs, these appliances are custom-designed for each patient.
  • Invisalign: This is a new method for the correction of teeth. It consists of a custom-made transparent starch that is placed on the denture and controls the movement of the teeth, bringing them into the desired position or preventing their displacement.
    It is made of plastic and needs to be changed every two to three weeks. One of its greatest advantages is the freedom it gives the customer, since it can be removed when needed.

This type of orthodontics can be used in the same cases as normal orthodontics, and we can find a series of advantages and disadvantages that will help us decide on one or the other.

Advantages of invisible orthodontics

One of the greatest advantages of this orthodontic system compared to common treatments is the aesthetics it offers. Thanks to their location or color, they are hardly noticeable to the naked eye.

Disadvantages of invisible orthodontics

On the one hand, the reason why many people end up opting for normal orthodontics is that the price of invisible braces is higher and it is possible that more time may be needed to achieve the same results.

Although with all treatments you will get the same results, each one has its benefits that you should evaluate to select the one that best suits your needs. On the one hand, invisalign is removable, so you can put it on and take it off whenever you need it, and by not using wires or metal, you will avoid the discomfort that these can cause you. On the other hand, lingual orthodontics cannot be removed, but you will not have to worry about changing it, cleaning it or taking care of it to prevent it from breaking, you will only have to brush those areas well to eliminate the accumulation of bacteria.

If you are undecided about which option is best for you, please contact us or visit our dental clinic B&J in Granada and we will make an evaluation of the state of your teeth to offer you the best solutions and treatments with which you will obtain the results you expect for your smile.
Lead a normal and comfortable life while correcting the appearance of your teeth. Do not hesitate and call us.