Separated teeth or Diastema

Have you ever heard of the diastema? If you are not familiar with this term, you probably know several people with gap teeth. Some examples of celebrities known for their gap teeth are Madonna, internationally, or Quim Gutierrez, nationally. Although they may be considered attractive, there are those who seek a specific treatment to close this gap. In the following article we are going to talk in depth about separated teeth or diastema, their most common causes and how to correct them. 

What are gap teeth or Diastema?

As we have seen at the beginning of this article, a diastema is a small space or gap between the teeth. the most frequent case being the upper central incisors or, as they are popularly known, the "hillbillies".

This separation can occur in the permanent teeth as well as in the deciduous teeth. In this case, the diastema can be solved with the appearance of the permanent teeth.

However, for adults, it is more complicated to correct it, being the most recommended option to have a dental treatment such as veneers or orthodontics.

Causes of gapped teeth

What is the cause of gapped teeth? There are many different causes such as bad childhood habits or periodontitis. Pay attention because, below, we are going to briefly present each of them:

Disproportion of size between the teeth and the jawbone

The main cause of diastema is a disproportionate size of the maxillary bone in relation to the teeth, although the opposite can also be the case. That is to say, the teeth are very small in comparison with the jawbone. That said, in both cases the problem lies in the fact that there is too much bone, so the teeth end up separating.

Frenulum abnormalities

Did you know that people have two braces? When the upper labial frenulum overdevelops, it prevents the upper teeth from coming together, causing the teeth to separate.

Bad childhood habits 

During infancy it is very common for children to suck their thumbs or use a pacifier for a long period of time. As harmless as these actions may seem, they can cause a diastema.

The same happens if from an early age they get used to push their teeth with their tongue or position it in an incorrect way. This pressure will eventually cause a space to open up between the teeth.

In any case, if this type of bad habits is detected, it is advisable to consult an orthodontist or dentist. pediatric dentist.


Another of the main causes of gapped teeth is periodontitis. This disease directly affects the gums causing their destruction and the deterioration of the bone support. All this leads to gum recession and, consequently, to the movement of the teeth and their separation.

Loss of teeth

If a tooth is lost, either due to an accident or extraction, and it is not replaced, the most usual thing is that the adjacent pieces move in an attempt to occupy the empty space.

As a result, the teeth become loose and diastemas develop.

How to treat gapped teeth?

Treating gapped teeth is an option that depends on each patient as well as the specific circumstances that have caused it. Three of the most common treatments to correct diastemas are:

How to prevent a Diastema?

It is important to emphasize that some diastemas cannot be prevented. However, there are different ways to avoid its development. Among the best known are the bad habits mentioned in a previous section, such as using the pacifier for prolonged periods of time, thumb sucking or pushing the teeth with the tongue.

For adults, this space left by the teeth can be treated in a trusted dental clinic where a professional dentist will evaluate the patient's situation to find the most effective solution according to his or her own circumstances.

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