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Dental problems are a major cause of insecurity and pain for many people. The dentistryThe dental hygienist, is in charge of solving all problems related to teeth, gums, tongue, lips or any other area of the oral cavity.
In addition to eliminating diseases of the mouth, this branch has the ability to detect and prevent the appearance of certain pathologies that may arise at any given time.

Dentistry specialties

Among the specialties that exist within this field, we can find:

  • Endodontics: You can become an endodontist and specialize in the dental nerve and all that it entails.
  • Maxillofacial pathology: It is the study of those diseases related to structures such as the jaw and related. Occasionally, these professionals also come to deal with diseases related to the neck or head.
  • Oral surgery: This field goes a little further, and is that oral surgery deals with interventions such as extraction of teeth or treat some type of oral cancer.
  • Orthodontics: is concerned with correcting the position of the teeth or jaw, as well as diagnosing or preventing their movement.
  • Periodontics: This branch of dentistry is in charge of the study of the gums, bones or oral ligaments, as well as the treatment of related diseases such as gingivitis.
    Pediatric Dentistry: Focuses especially on dental treatment at early ages, i.e., from birth until approximately puberty.
  • Dental esthetics : Thanks to it, it is possible to correct and modify the harmony of the teeth, making them look healthy and beautiful. Within this branch would enter the placement of veneers, whitening etc..

As you can see, there are many branches in which it is divided. To be able to dedicate yourself to this world you will need a strong specialization and a perfect knowledge of all the tools, techniques and processes involved.

Qualities of a good dentist

Dentists stand out for being attentive and concerned about helping their patients to detect and solve all kinds of problems that have to do with their dental health. It is very important that they are passionate about their work and that they look for every detail in order to detect problems even before they arise and it is too late to solve them.

It is also necessary that they have a sense of taste and esthetics, since many of their treatments will have to do with improving dental appearance.
In most cases, dentists will have to work within a team, so it is really important that they have the ability to take orders and function well within a work group in order to provide the best possible service.

Some other important qualities within this profession may be patience, since they work for long periods of time; being organized, having good skills and knowledge of the techniques and tools to be used, good communication skills, and having the ability to solve problems and not get upset when complications arise, otherwise the patient may become nervous.


Our clinic

In B&J Dental Clinic we have the best dentists in Granada. Their high training in the field allows them to offer a quality service to all their customers offering the best results.
To carry out their work, they carry out a previous review of the dental situation of each patient to detect problems and to be able to apply the correct treatment. Once the treatment is finished and after verifying that everything is fine, our dentists personally take care of the appropriate follow-up to ensure the correct evolution of the process.

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